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Signing documents has never been easier for your customers. ZoopSign is the simplest and fastest way to get around manual processes and digitize your contract management process from top to bottom. With e-signatures that are legally binding, you can now automate your entire contract process from creation to signature with ZoopSign!

Here’s our universe of everything that we have in store for you!

Aadhaar eSign

Plug-and-play Aadhar e-Sign Solution for Application Service Providers

Implement plug-and-play e-sign capability for Aadhar card holders with 100% compliant, legal binding, and secure electronic signatures. Access a real-time audit trail to track actions and document status. ZoopSign is ideal for high-volume document signing workflows like loan applications and new customer onboarding.

With ZoopSign, your organisation can:

  • Onboard new customers quickly and securely with e-signatures

  • Streamline loan application processes with legally binding e-signatures

  • Get real-time visibility into who has signed which documents and when

  • Create contracts, forms, templates, and other key documents

  • Virtually send and receive documents in an instant from any device

  • Handle document completion process with reminders, signing sequences, & reporting

  • Secure digital signing
  • 100% legal and paperless
  • Pay as you go
  • Integrated SDK & API

Email or Mobile based digital Sign

Complete Contract Workflows In Minutes With Swift OTP Verification

Get legally binding signatures on your documents via email or mobile number with ZoopSign. Say goodbye to paper clutter with contract workflows that are secure and tamper-proof. Acting as a two-factor authenticator, ZoopSign establishes the genuity of the signer, while also creating an ironclad audit trail of the entire signing process at a fraction of the cost!

  • Streamline contract workflows with a secure solution

  • Get real-time alerts when documents are signed

  • Reduce paper clutter and waste with a paperless solution

  • Cost-effective and simple to implement

  • Secure and tamper-proof signatures


  • Legally binding
  • Frictionless workflow
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure and compliant

Identity Verification

Eliminate e-Signature Fraud with Next-gen, Automated Verification

With ZoopSign, you can rest assured that your documents are valid and legally binding. We use the latest in signature verification technology to authenticate signatures and protect against fraud. ZoopSign automatically matches the physical signatures on government-issued ID cards, passports, and more for high-security workflows that transform the status quo!

With ZoopSign, your organisation can:

  • Verify signatures against government-issued ID cards

  • Use real-time verification using standard databases

  • Ensure compliance with industry-leading security

  • Validate bank accounts, Aadhar numbers, and more

  • Verify photo-based IDs like PAN, Voter ID, Passport, Aadhaar & DL

  • Enhance the digital document journey with signature verification

  • Quick turn-around-time
  • Negligible latency
  • Secure and compliant
  • Seamless integration

Face match & Liveness check

Video-Enabled KYC Verification For A Perfect Onboarding Experience

Always stay a step ahead of fraudsters with ZoopSign’s next-gen facial recognition technology that can detect even the most advanced spoofing attempts in real-time. With our video-enabled KYC verification, you can be sure that your customers are who they say they are, with no loss of confidence!

With ZoopSign, your organisation can:

  • Drive ID fraud prevention using facial matching, location & IP tagging, and liveness detection

  • Access powerful liveness detection to maintain high levels of AML compliance

  • Defend against sophisticated deepfakes, 3D masking, and video spoofing

  • Get real-time fraud protection that notices even minute changes in facial expressions

  • Build capibility to implement active or passive Liveness Detection at scale

  • Undertake customer onboarding with the highest KYC standards

  • Assisted and self-onboarding
  • Facial matching & liveness detection
  • Support for document sharing
  • Location tagging & audit trial

OCR for ID Card

Implement Data Extraction At Scale With Automated Data Capture

Say goodbye to manual data entry with ZoopSign’s OCR for ID card product that can automatically extract information from images or scanned documents in real-time. Capture key data fields like names, addresses, ID numbers, and more with zero human intervention!

With ZoopSign, your organisation can:

  • Verify scanned IDs securely and instantly with AI-enabled OCR and APIs

  • Eliminate manual data entry with accurate, real-time results

  • Integrate your with existing architecture with ease and support

  • Implement a plug'n play solution for operations that is made for scale

  • Benefit from regular ML training to maintain the accuracy of OCR results

  • Data accuracy
  • Instant results
  • Real-time verification
  • Competitive Pricing