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Use Cases

Secure document tracking



Zoop Track PDF analytics can be a valuable tool in fundraising efforts. By tracking engagement, understanding investor behavior, and personalising outreach, This information can be used to tailor outreach efforts to specific groups, increase funding amount, and ultimately achieve better fundraising results.

PDF analytics enables fundraisers to track and analyse how audiences engage with their fundraising materials, gain insights into their behaviour and preferences, and optimise content to increase funding. 

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Sales Enhancement

Sales Enhancement

By using ZoopTrack PDF analytics, Sales team can track how clients are engaging with proposals, how long they spend on each page, and which product are getting most attention. This information can help them understand which aspects of their product catalogue are most effective and which may need improvement.

With PDF analytics, sales team can test different versions of their sales proposal to see which ones perform the best. For example, they might try different layouts, fonts, or wording to see which ones result in more views and sales conversion.

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Compliance vigilance

Compliance vigilance

With ZoopTrack PDF analytics, organizations can track if individuals have opened, read, and acknowledged compliance documents, such as employee handbooks, privacy policies, or codes of conduct. This information can be used to monitor and ensure that all individuals are following the required compliance rules and regulations.

By analyzing the data collected from PDF analytics, organizations can identify any patterns or trends that suggest potential compliance issues. For example, if certain individuals repeatedly fail to acknowledge compliance documents or spend very little time reading them, this could be a sign that they are not taking compliance seriously.

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Knowing that the employees have spend time with the updated compliance and policies help's the team in being more vigilant



Legal Analyst

Zooptrack simplifies the process of keeping portfolios and proposals up-to-date by allowing users to update parts of a document without changing the link

Jay Mishtri

Jay Mishtri

Freelancer Design

Zooptrack provides valuable insights into investor traction, including the amount of time investors spend on each slide

Ritesh Kothari

Ritesh Kothari



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