1. Auto save

Save documents post every PDF utility

2. Upload for future use

Store personal documents for future use, easily uploaded

3. Easy navigation

Organised into folders for easy and efficient searching

Use Cases

Auto-secure storage



Saving contracts online ensures quick retrieval, and better organization of legal documents, which is especially useful for fboth SMEs or those dealing with large volumes of contracts.

zDrive also offer advanced security features such as encryption, authentication, providing a higher level of protection for important contracts that could be lost or damaged in traditional paper-based methods.

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Doc Track

Doc Track

Storing important documents requiring analytics and tracking online has advantages. And those documents will be available in zDrive


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PDF Utils

PDF Utils

Using a single cloud-based storage solution, such as zDrive, provides a centralized location to access all of your important documents. This can include documents that were created using PDF utilities, such as merge, compress, lock etc.. By storing all of your documents in one place, you can easily search for and find what you need, without having to switch between different applications or storage devices

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Frequently asked by users - 

It's a free drive for all Zoopsign users

Yes absolutely, you can delete any document at any point of time

Not really, once you delete the document post 2 confirmations. The document is deleted from all repositories

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