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Experience the ease of eSignatures — your personal document assistant.
Sign securely, stay organised, and simplify your life, all with a few clicks.

What can eSign do?

It can transform your documentation process and improve your efficiency.
Here are the incredible things you can do with it.

Decide the signing order for your document

Sequential Signing is all about your rules, and your order. You pick the signing line-up and ZoopSign carries out your plan – like having a personal assistant who ensures your documents get signed in the correct order. It’s about you being in control, always.

Document the signing journey with Audit Trail

Experience absolute transparency with our Audit Trail feature. Track every step of your signer – from viewer journey to final sign-off. Our detailed log ensures accountability, providing a clear timeline for your eSigning process.  Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Supports CCA approved, Aadhaar eSign

With Aadhaar eSign, verifying your signer’s identity becomes a breeze. Just forward your document using ZoopSign’s Aadhaar eSign feature and rest assured of a securely verified signer. It’s swift, secure, and surprisingly easy. 

Improve your document signing process with us today!

Additional features

Sequential Signing

Audit Trail


Cloud Storage

Aaadhaar eSign

Custom Expire

230 +


Number of documents uploaded for eSign

390 +


Number of eSigns across documents

+40 %


Increase in user connivence post digitalisation

How it works?

eSignature works in three simple steps to keep you
organized, compliant, and secure with the document signing experience.

Upload Document

Start by simply selecting and uploading the document.

Add Signers

Add signers via email or whatsapp, enable sequential signing and set expiry.

Check Audit Trail

Check activity, remind singers, and maintain logs for compliance

Work smoothly with your
favourite tools

Save time and and work smarter with
our handy integrations
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Frequently asked questions 

Yes sure, New users is part of "Basic Plan" in which there are unlimited documents, which can be analysed

Sure, for using most features of eSign there is no payment needed. In case number of viewers increase a certain number the user will have to pay 

Zoopsign integrates with all major cloud storage providers, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive