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Document tracking is like a personal GPS for your files. No more lost
documents or endless waiting – you’ll always know where they are and
what’s happening

What can Doc-Track do?

See how ZoopSign Track can help you stay organised, compliant, and secure
with document tracking

Add comments to PDF for better collaboration

Comment on PDF to ask questions, get clarifications, or suggest changes. It is also a great way to track document changes. Make revisions to your document based on the feedback you get. It’s that easy!

Make better decisions with document insights

Keep tabs on your confidential documents by checking who’s accessing, reading, and sharing them, and tweak security settings for precise control. Your document security, made simple!

Control your documents, even after you hit send

Sent a document and need to make a change? ZoopSign lets you edit documents post-send. Our ironclad security features ensure your documents remain safe and sound.

Discover more features

Secure Sharing

Document Analytics


Dynamic Watermark

Email Authentication

Comment PDF

180 +


Number of documents uploaded for track

600 +


Number of sessions across documents

25 %


Engagement enhancement post edits

How it works?

See how ZoopSign Track can help you stay organised, compliant, and secure
with document tracking

Upload your Document to Start Tracking

Begin with adding your document and selecting your security preferences. 

Tailor Protection for Personalised Security

Customise your document security according to your needs and send it ahead.

Check the Status of your Document in the Reports Section

Track and monitor the number of visitors to your document by accessing the analytics report.

Fully integrated with all
the tools you’re already
familiar with

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Frequently asked questions 

Yes sure, New users is part of "Basic Plan" in which there are unlimited documents, which can be analysed

Sure, for using most features of Doc-track there is no payment needed. In case number of viewers increase a certain number the user will have to pay 

Doc-track integrates with all major cloud storage providers, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive