Our Team

The Individuals Behind The Product

We see ourselves much more than just a team of tech geeks. We are a family of like-minded individuals, each with our own quirks and talents that we bring to the table. We are united by a common goal - using our superpowers for good and reducing paper waste in the process!

Our small yet mighty team comprises the following talented individuals:

Marketing lead & Sales team
Harsh Surana
Co-founder, CEO
IIT KGPian (2014)
Ravi Tej
Co-founder, CTO
Startup Guy
IIT KGPian (2014)
Backend, Frontend & DevOps developers

Under guidance of

CEO Zoop.one
CTO Zoop.one

About Us


Our Vision - Every Sign Zoopsign

Transform how the world Contracts and use e-Signs with affordable pricing, personalized workflows and easy to implement solutions for individuals, MSME and Enterprises  

Who We Are?

ZoopSign is a one-stop solution to manage your contracts and e-signatures. Founded by Product-experts and enterprise level problem solvers, backed by Zoop.One with 5+ experience in identity verification & document products. We are on a mission to make the digitizing of documents easier for everyone!

What We Do?

We enhance efficiency, reduce errors, enable more integration, automate processes and help organizations to stop worrying about their documentation processes. With our easy-to-use platform, you would be able to create contracts, send them for e-signatures, and track their status all in one place. ZoopSign has been built on a steadfast foundation of years of experience in the industry, and we are constantly innovating to improve our platform to provide an intuitive and user-friendly solution to the market.

What Makes Us Different?

No two organizations are alike, each with its unique set of challenges and definitions of perfection. What makes us the purple cow in a herd of white is our ability to customize ZoopSign based on your internal workflows. With a dashboard that is truly tailored for each user, you can be sure that your team will be able to work smarter, not harder, and your end customers will be delighted with the seamless experience. Affordability, efficiency and effectiveness come together with ZoopSign.

The Way Forward

A post-pandemic digital era has taken hold of the world. And it isn't limited to interpersonal interactions. Business processes are increasingly digital-enabled today, implying a paradigm shift in conventional practices that demands accessibility online. The contract management domain has not been spared by this digital makeover.


Organizations across the globe are re-evaluating their contract management strategies to ensure compliance, agility, and, most importantly, business continuity in the new normal.


In this rapidly changing world, it is essential to have an adaptable and flexible platform to change with the times. ZoopSign is built with just that in mind. Our platform can be quickly configured to meet your evolving needs so that you can stay ahead of the curve.


And as the legal industry evolves, so do we. We are innovating ceaselessly to bring you the latest and greatest features in the industry. Whether it's a new way to manage your contracts or an innovative way to collect signatures, we always look for ways to enhance your experience.